Phoenix Deer Valley

Fly Smart, Fly Safe


Deer Valley Airport Pilot Safety

The newest pilot safety video series, "Fly Smart, Fly Safe," is available below.


DVT Pilot Safety: Chapter 1 - Approaching Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Learn the protocol when approaching Phoenix Deer Valley Airport and familiarize yourself with the different terrain around Phoenix Deer Valley Airport as well as important safety information.

DVT Pilot Safety: Chapter 2 - Radio Reporting and Understanding Traffic

In this chapter, you will learn which information to include when reporting to the ATC tower and understanding traffic at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport.


DVT Pilot Safety: Chapter 3 - Operating on the Ground

In this chapter, you will learn about safety and general information when operating on the ground.


DVT Pilot Safety: Chapter 4 - Amenities and Services at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

This chapter covers the different amenities and services that are located on Deer Valley Airport including, Sibran self-service fuel area, Cutter Aviation, t-hangars, transient parking areas, Deer Valley Airport’s terminal, Airport Operations and the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport Restaurant.


DVT Pilot Safety: Chapter 5 - Departing Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

This chapter will review the protocols and guidelines for departing Phoenix Deer Valley Airport. It is important to review these protocols for your safety and for others'.



Deer Valley Airfield Driving

The new safety video, "Airfield Driving," is available below.

Learn how to drive safely and within the rules at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport.