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Tenant Working Group

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Tenant Working Group Goals and Objectives

The City of Phoenix is currently reviewing Minimum Standards and Rules & Regulations as they relate to aircraft maintenance and flight training. We are also reviewing FAA and other policy guidance.

We are “benchmarking” comparable airports throughout the Valley, as well as other selected airports. We want this to be a very collaborative and transparent process.

We have formed a Tenant Working Group to identify potential issues and gather input, and have conducted one Virtual Open House to-date that was available to all DVT and GYR tenants. Another Virtual Open House will be conducted in the near future.

Once the process of gathering information and input has been completed, we will be in a position to make recommendations for any changes/revisions to the Minimum Standards and Rules & Regulations.

Please take a moment to review a March 19, 2020 presentation for a complete description of this process.

We want your input! Please take a moment to provide us your comments by using this link. Results will be aggregated to this website.

July 23, 2020 Virtual Open House

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  • Meeting ID: 285 378  080


Review of GA Minimum Standards and Rules & Regulations and Market Study Assessment



Who makes up the tenant working group?

  • Representatives from the City of Phoenix Aviation Department
  • Independent Aircraft Maintenance Operators from Deer Valley and Goodyear Airports
  • Deer Valley Pilots Association
  • Goodyear Airport Tenants Association
  • Cutter Aviation
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Representative for Deer Valley Airport

How was the tenant working group developed/identified?

We wanted to create a large enough group to get a cross-section of the tenant base at Deer Valley and Goodyear Airports, while having the group sized appropriately to remain nimble and able to quickly provide input.

How long will this project take?

A firm project schedule has not been developed. We want to ensure that all tenants from Deer Valley and Goodyear Airports have the opportunity to provide input and feedback.

Who is the consultant?

Coffman Associates. Detailed information is available on their website at

How is this project/study funded?

The study is being paid for by the City of Phoenix Aviation Department. No taxes or general aviation tenant fees are being used to fund the study. It is expected that this project will not exceed $152,000. The ongoing costs for this project are being committed to ensure that the expert review and analysis is thorough and will enhance the airport’s regulatory program through this fair and balanced process.

Who do I contact for more information or to provide a comment?

Coffman Associates, 602.993.6999